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Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets

Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets
Custom 1 Inch Round Magnets



It will explain the pricing, options, how to get your artwork to us, turn around time, and more:




There are two parts to placing a custom order:


  1. Placing the order on the website

  2. Submitting artwork (or arranging for artwork to be created for you)

First, please select the available options. Here is an explanation of the options:

The price breaks by the quantity of items you require. Enter the number you want to the total quantity of custom items in the box below and the website will calculate the price in relation to your other options.

Most orders are printed on high quality laser paper but we do offer other options like silver, gold, or clear (to utilize the silver from the shell of the button as a background color). Check the photo gallery for samples.

I Will Upload Properly Formatted Artwork In Your Template - This option requires you to download our template to your computer and create artwork or place your artwork into our template using an image editing program like Photoshop, GIMP, or InDesign. We will review your artwork and let you know if we have any questions.

I Will Use Your Design-O-matic Online Designers to Submit Artwork - This option requires you to use our online Design-O-Matic program. The Design-O-Matic is a simplified image editing program that will allow you to upload an image, size the image to fit, add text, and change text and background colors. It’s pretty neat! You can store multiple designs and submit the ones you would like from your overview. We will check the artwork before printing and let you know if we have any questions.

I Will Email Properly Formatted Artwork in Your Template (read below for more info) - This option is similar to the first and requires you to download our template to work with on your own computer but just lets us know that you would like to email the artwork to us instead of attaching it here. If you do not yet have your artwork ready you can pick this choice to hold a spot in our work queue with your invoice number and we can get started on your order as soon as we receive the artwork.

I need Help! - see options below

No - if you are placing a standard order and  have already figured out the artwork submission, you can ignore this option.

Yes - Please Place My Existing Artwork Into You Template and Send me a Digital Proof for Approval ($5) - If you are unable to place a standard order by downloading our template to place your artwork in it you can pick this option and we will place your artwork in our template and email you a digital version for approval.

Yes - Please Create My Artwork For Me and Send Me a Digital Proof for Approval ($20) - This option is if you are unable to create the artwork and would like us to do it for you. In the order comments you must be as specific as you can. If you have an image you would like to use please upload it. If you would like text please tell us font styles, colors , line breaks, etc. that you would like. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and allow for up to two 2 reworks of your design.

I am within my allowed quantity (up to 50-3 designs, up to 100-5 designs, above that-5 designs per 100) - 200 - 10 designs, 500- 25 designs, 1000 - 50 designs, etc.

1-5 more designs over quantity ($5) If you were getting 50 custom items and 4-8 designs, 100 custom items 6-10 desings, etc.

More than 5 designs over quantity ($10)

Upload your completed artwork here (or your images if you want us to create artwork for you). If you have multiple designs you MUST upload one desing, add quantity and other options, then add it to your cart. Do this for each design. This will show us the quantity for each design easily as separate items in the invoice but still allow for total quantity discounts. If you try to upload a design without doing this, only one design will be uploaded. 

Also, we’ve had people think that the artwork is not uploaded because they do not see a graphic image. When you upload here it will show up at a file name, not a graphic image. In our admin we can grab your artwork off our server.

If you have multiple designs, just let us know if you would like all of them on one bag or separated out into bags for each design

We offer plastic zip bags or paper bags

Instagram your order?
Put your instagram name in the order comments and we’ll post a photo of your completed buttons to our instagram and give you a shout out.

Here’s the box where you enter the quantity of the total number of items for your order if you have one designs, or the quantity corresponding to each artwork uploaded if you have multiple designs. If you are emailing artwork or have artwork submitted through the Design-O-Matic, feel free to list the quantity breakdown in the order comments.

After that, carry on to checkout. There will be a space for order comments if you have any questions or would like to state concerns or deadlines...

What is your preferred file type? We have a few different file types for our templates  like the simple jpg but also layered templates as .psds and .ai files. We use Photoshop and also have access to the open source program GIMP. We would prefer flattened and print ready .psd or .pdf files.

I’m in Portland, can I pick my order up instead of having it shipped? Yes! We have an option for that at checkout.

Do I have to pay online? Nope. If you would like to pay when you pick the order up there is an option for that at checkout. If you would like to send a check, we have that option too.

How long do you keep my artwork on file? We keep artwork on file for 1 year on the website and 2 years in the Design-O-Matic, If you would like us to keep your artwork on file longer, let us know.

I’ve placed my order and submitted my artwork, what happens next? Check your email! If you have not received a confirmation email please check your spam folder and make sure have not mistyped your email address. (hey, it happens) We will send emails directly from our website to update you as to where your order is in our work queue. We’ll even let you know when they go into production. We will also send you an email update with a tracking number when your order ships or information on how to arrange a time and date to pick your order up at our North Portland warehouse.

How long until my order is done? The biggest factor for this is when we get your properly formatted or final approval of artwork. Once we have properly formatted artwork, if the order is under 500 buttons the turn around is generally 1-3 of our work days, 500 - 1,000 3-7 days, over 1000 up to 5-10 days. Please keep in mind that when we say “our work week” we mean Friday-Tuesday. We are not in the shop on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

You have a weird week. What’s with your Wednesday/Thursday weekend? It’s only weird if you think it’s weird. Our work week is from Friday-Tuesday. We like to get out of the shop in the middle of the week because it’s the best time to work in the yard, go to brunch,  run errands, go hiking, or hit up happy hour when it’s not crowded. Plus, people seem to really like that we are here on regular weekends for order pick-ups.

I have other questions! Feel free to put it in the order comments or email us at


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25 or more $1.00
50 or more $0.75
100 or more $0.55
250 or more $0.50
500 or more $0.45
1000 or more $0.40
5000 or more $0.35
10000 or more $0.32

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Current turn around for custom orders under 1,000: 2-5 business days from receiving properly formatted artwork.