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Catalog Orders: Orders are packed almost daily. Orders placed on business days before 2 PM Pacific will often go out the same day.

Custom Item Orders: 500 or fewer can be completed in 1-3 business days upon receiving completed artwork. 1,000 or fewer? 5-7 business days. More? 1-2 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions


We do not sell sewing buttons. We sell pinback buttons. The kind that are like little pictures you pin to your clothes.
Nope. None of the above. If you need button parts or machines why not order from our friends or No, we do not rent button machines. Our machines are the tools of our trade and we need them daily.

Alex Wrekk (she/her & they/them pronouns) Paul Burke (he/him) Have you read our About Us page?

Thw PBW Witch Shop is curated by Alex and Mary.

Email. Email. Email. Email is ALWAYS the best way to get in touch. Email will often be answered even when no one is in the shop. The phones don't always get answered (or even heard) even if we are actually in the shop. Sometimes we're deep in the middle of button pressing and can't get to the phone. With email we will have better written record of your request and that is really helpful for both of us. Our contact form is here.
That depends on the size and the quantity but it starts at $5.00. For buttons, go to our custom buttons page and click on the size you would like. Once you are there you can enter the quantity you would like and and the price will be calculated for you based on the volume discount. For other custom items like magnets, bottle openers, or mirrors go here.
That depends on the item and the quantity. Anything under 500 buttons can generally be turned around in 3-5 business days, sometimes sooner. From 500-1,000 between 3-7 days. Over that, it depends. Get in contact for an estimate. We do offer rush fees that start at $5.00 per 100 buttons ordered.
We do not have open hours. We are usually in the shop everyday except for Wednesdays and Thursdays. For orders placed online, an order status email will notify you about arranging pick up. (Please check you spam filter if you are not receiving these emails.) If you would like to browse our catalog of zines, books, and pre-made catalog buttons click here to schedule online.

We are located in North Portland near N Interstate and N Killingsworth.

Our new address is only for order pick-ups.

If you would only like one button, we can do that! They get less expensive per item the more you get, but the starting rate is $5.00 for a single custom button.

Currently we only make round items. No squares or rectangles.

Placing a custom order has two parts:

  1.  Placing the order online.

  2. Submitting properly formatted artwork.

Please read the product description of the custom item very carefully for more information.

Anything within reason, really. We won’t press anything we consider blatantly racist, sexist or otherwise offensive material. If you submit artwork, we assume you have or obtained permission to use it.

No, you do not have to submit artwork at the time of your order . It is nice to have the artwork with the order but there is an advantage to placing your order online first as we will hold the spot in our work queue based on your invoice number. Just email the completed artwork in the template provided or let us know that you have submitted it to the Design-O-Matic.

No, we are unable to accommodate in person consultations. We can offer consultations through email starting at $5.00 per design. We really prefer to receive properly formatted, print ready artwork, in our design template.

Have you tried using our Design-O-Matic? You can upload images, add text, and make and save multiple designs.

This is still design work requiring extra time that is not included in our default custom item pricing. However, when placing your order online there are options for help with your order design.

We typically keep artwork stored on our website for one year. We keep Design-O-Matic accounts live for three years from last activity and we keep artwork stored there for two years.


We are interested in zines that are based in DIY and punk ethics in regards to politics, content, production, and pricing. In an effort to keep zines accessible we prefer zines that are $5.00 retail or less.

Kinds of zines we are interested in:

-Perzines that fall into the "personal is political" with thoughtful narratives, especially zines with interesting and creative design & layout that suits the writing.

-Witchcraft zines that are not Wiccan and that are preferably secular witch friendly (also culturally sensitive, non-appropriative, historically accurate, and do not express the views of gender essentialism.)

-Zines that cover a single issue that are well researched and explore unique topics and perspectives

-Thoughtfully put together zines exploring self-care

-Vegan cook zines

-DIY project zines

-Independently produced tarot and oracle decks

Kinds of zines that we are NOT particularly interested:

-Comics (unless you consider it a zine or the focus is a topics listed above)




-Art zines


We hope it goes without saying that are not interested in zines expressing views of racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance, ageism, sizeism, and all other forms of discrimination.

What we offer: We operate an online distro & brick and mortar shop (by appointment but not currently due to the pandemic) in Portland Oregon, and we normally vend at five or more zine events a year around the US (sometimes other countries) If we decide to carry your zines we request 20 or more copies and pay 50% of retail upfront (no consignments) or 60% in trade for anything from zines, buttons, or custom buttons and other items. We also have a few arrangements where we can print from flats or PDFs.

If you think your zine might be a good fit with us please send one actual physical copy for distro consideration (no digital files) to the address below with a note stating the retail price, a short description of your zine, and a way to contact you. If there is no note we will assume you are just randomly sending a zine and we will donate it to a zine library.

Send to:

Portand Button Works

c/o Alex Wrekk

P.O. Box 17615

Portland, Oregon 97217

Please check your spam filter as sometimes they end up there. Also, feel free to email us as on occasion people have entered their email wrong and we can help sort that out for you.

Please check your spam filters and email us if needed.

Yes! Almost all of our buttons are available for wholesale and some of our zines. Email us to set up a Wholesale account.