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Michael Sweater - This Must Be The Place: A Please Keep Warm Collection

I love this comic of anthropomorphic goofballs. It never fails to make me smile. -AlexPlease Keep Wa..


Milky Boots #14

Autobio comics from Virginia. This one is about her getting over a recent breakup. It includes portr..


Miss Sequential's Sketchbook

This issue of Miss Sequential is a little different from the others: it doesn't have a theme. It's a..


Moments of Struggle

An illustrated introduction to some Anarchist History. This cute intro to Anarchist History is il..


More Squares

Liz Prince, Joe Quinones, Tim Finn, and Maris Wicks each draw a journal comic strip for every day of..


Morgenmuffel #15

I love Isy and I love her comic zine, Moregenmuffel! Isy has been documenting her life as a comic fo..


Morgenmuffel #16

I love Isy and I love her comic zine, Moregenmuffel! Isy has been documenting her life as a comic fo..


No Gods. No Dungeon Masters.

"An analysis of multi-classing between subcultures" (Silver Sprocket)Exploring Ion's relationships t..


Rum Lad #4

Steve's art is amazingly detailed and brings to life the stories he tells in this issue of his zine...


Rum Lad #5

This is an epic zine! Follow Steve on tour with his band Moloch across the United States wrapped in ..


Rum Lad 7

Cute little tour diary in comic style by Steve Larder on tour in the UK with his band , Moloch...


Rum Lad 8

In this issue Steve Larder interviews two of his friends whose work he admires. There are interviews..


Rum Lad 9

In this issue Steve Larder documents his Moloch tour with Cloud Rat in a great mix of comic and illu..



Two of my favorite people from the tiny island of England do a split zine about going to Scotland an..


Thirty Days in Brooklyn

This zine by artist Fiona Avocado is daily journal comics spanning a month-long residency at the Koz..


Vermont Maple Sugar Mama - A Choose-Your-Own-Porn-Adventure by Anne Murray

By Anne Murray (or Annie Murphy, depending on who you ask). 16 beautiful, hilarious black-and-white..


Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed? by Liz Prince

This mini graphic novel collects all of those cute/funny/adorable moments in a relationship that are..


Year One by Ramsey Beyer

This 130+ page graphic novel chronicles Ramsey's first year living in Philidelphia.  She has pr..