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Anthologies & Compilations

Anthologies & Compilations
A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek The Next Generation
-13 %
ISBN: 1942099282
Experience the beloved zines in book form with A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Written by Joshua Chapman at age 11 in 1..
$13.00 $15.00
Add Toner: A Cometbus Collection
Out Of Stock
Origin: Aaron Cometbus ISBN: 0867197536
Add Toner brings together classic, out of print issues of Cometbus magazine, including 'Lanky' (a novella), 'Back to the Land' (an ora..
Origin: Silver Sprocket ISBN: 639852105214
  "AS YOU WERE, the critically acclaimed punk comix anthology, is back with the thickest and best issue yet. For the unin..
As You Were Vol  4
Hot -35 %
Origin: Silver Sprocket ISBN: 639852105214
  Your favorite punk comix anthology is back! This time with the joys and pains of living with other punx! 120 pag..
$6.50 $10.00
from Antiquated Future A zine in tribute to a maligned beauty of pop culture's past: the compact cassette tape. Twenty writers, mu..
Origin: Billy-da-bunny
Behind the Zines #11, the January 2021 issue! If you've never read it before, this is a zine about zines! Very zine-nerd, very meta. It'd be l..
ISBN: 9780971213265
This is an anthology of Cryptozoa Comic Zine. I love Androo's quirky observational goodness in illustrated form...
ISBN: 0060896426
You loved the zine, now read the book! "From underground cult hero Dishwasher Pete comes the story of his 12-year cross-country quest to wash ..
Doris Anthology of Zines + Other Stuff 1991-2001
Out Of Stock
Origin: Doris ISBN: 9780972696784
A great issue of Doris. Thinking about what it means to both have close friends and be part of a community. Gratitude for the life lessons Mom ta..
Doris: The Encyclopedia of Doris Doris: The Encyclopedia of Doris
Out Of Stock
Origin: Doris ISBN: 0983125511
Cindy conducts interviews, profiles radical discourse, draws cute comic versions of what she is talking about, and shares her take on making a life wo..
It's Alright: A Truckface Anthology Vol. 1
Out Of Stock
Origin: Mend My Dress ISBN: 978-0-9850131
Volume 1 From scooping chicken salads to selling clothes to shelving books to teacher training, Truckface details years of embarrassment and misst..
Origin: Mend My Dress ISBN: 978-0-9850131
Volume 2 Through strikes, standardized testing, violence, bouffant wigs, school closings, and drawings of wieners, Truckface documents the life of..
Origin: Billy-da-bunny
Last Night At The Casino Anthology - Vol 1 by Billy McCall 5.5" x 4.25" x 1" (such a cute size!) This first volume contains every..
Mend My Dress collected zines 2005-2007
-23 %
Origin: Mend My Dress ISBN: 978-0985013165
Neely Bat Chestnut has compiled her zines put out between 2005-2007, which include the first six issues of Mend My Dress, as well as Dear Step Dad and..
$10.00 $13.00
Ofrenda: A Zine Anthology (1994-2014) by Celia Perez
Hot Out Of Stock
Origin: Sweet Candy ISBN: 9780989709866
From Sweet Candy Press Celia Perez captured my heart years ago with her words that were both handwritten and typed up in her personal zine, I Dream..
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