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That Girl Zine #16

That Girl Zine #16

from the author

"That Girl #16 is a mini-novel-ette about my senior year of high school, circa 1990-1991.
It's mostly a messed up love story set on the streets of Hollywood. My husband, who is not jealous I wrote it, said, "It's like a punk rock Grease, only without the happy ending." And then we debated because who really thinks Grease has a happy ending? Girls, what's the message? Hot roller your hair, throw on some leather pants, and take up a smoking habit to make guys like you?
I like to think of it as Valley Girl, only without the happy ending. Basically it's about some prude suburban chick falling in love with some streetwise punk and them trying to work it out before she graduates high school.
It's an old school, black & white zine with lots of words-- characters! dialogue! description! a plot! So if you don't mind hunkering down inside someone's nostalgia for an hour or two, this zine is for you."

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