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Tagalongs 7" and zine

Tagalongs 7" and zine

Tagalongs-Shitty Cloud 7" multicolor vinyl and 12 page zine!

This is my housemates' band! I pack orders and make buttons while they are playing in the basement and I STILL go to their shows because I enjoy listening to them.

This 7" has 4 blues-y, garage-y punk tracks with all members singing along. This 7" is also inclues a 12 page 7"x7" zine with lyrics, comics and stories and a Gocco printed cover.

1. Shitty Cloud
2. Ant Massacre
3. Swine Flu
4. Where in the word is Santa Sophia?

"Recorded on a Tascam 248, in our basement.

Manfactured by United Record Pressing. Zine pages photocopied and Gocco printed at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Photos taken at the Florida Room.

No computers were used in the production of this record. that said. digital versions of these songs and other songs can be downloaded for free at :

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