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Squash & Pumpkin a Zine About Cooking with Squashes and Pumpkins

Squash & Pumpkin a Zine About Cooking with Squashes and Pumpkins
Squash & Pumpkin a Zine About Cooking with Squashes and Pumpkins
Squash & Pumpkin a Zine About Cooking with Squashes and Pumpkins
Squash & Pumpkin a Zine About Cooking with Squashes and Pumpkins
Squash & Pumpkin a Zine About Cooking with Squashes and Pumpkins
Squash & Pumpkin a Zine About Cooking with Squashes and Pumpkins
Squash & Pumpkin a Zine About Cooking with Squashes and Pumpkins

The first thing I want to mention about this zine is that it is English so, to my American understanding, I find the distinction between squashes and pumpkins unusual and confusing.

In the US, there are two kinds of squash: summer squash (crookneck, pattypan, sunbust, or varieties of zucchini (courgette to some!)  like yellow, green, or those strange round ones). Then there are winter squash (kabocha, butternut, acorn, delicata, red kuri, dumpling, hubbard, speghetti (the absolute worst kind of squash) and yes, pumpkin. Pumpkin is just a kind of squash in the curcubit family of fruit, yes fruit! I mention this because you should do not try to use these recipes to cook summer squash because you will be very disappointed in the sad, soggy mush you come up with. Except cooking with summer squash flowers because they are delicious.

This is a zine about cooking winter squash.*

I love the thoughtfulness and care tar puts in to her cooking and her zines about cooking. Also check out her zines about beets because it is excellent. This zine is chock full of recipes and thoughts about winter squash. Recipes include: Roasted seeds, recipes ideas for leaves and flowers, Sticky Miso Squash, Spicy Garlicy Soup, Boulangere, Squash Gnocchi, Vegan Sponge Cake, Deelicious Jam, Fermented Spaghetti Squash (I HATE spaghetti squash and as it nether behaves like a squash or like spaghetti but this recipe! I would totally try this way of destroying this evil kind of squash and transforming it into something delicious next time I have the misfortune of finding on in my veg box)  

There are really thoughtful piece by Arianne Brown about cooking with limited mobility. Arianne Brown lives with EDS, a genetic disorder affecting connective tissues ... which is basically every part of your body and it is degenerative. My sister has this disorder and I've educated myself about and I have seen how difficult and frustrating it can be so I was really excited to see this piece. There are lots of good tips like doing prep work on good days, buying frozen or pre-chopped vegetables. There are also some thoughts for others to educate themselves about mobility or offer help if someone might need something off a tall shelf at a grocery store or offer a meal to a neighbor if you have extra. With this comes a recipe for Pumpkin salad that sounds delicious.

40 pages, 2 color riso printed, card stock cover

*Squash are indigenous to mesoamercia and it's just one of my pet peeves when I see all squash in other countries being called pumpkins when there are huge differences between taste and texture between squashes or when I see a distinction made between squash and pumpkin when a pumpkin is ust one out of dozens of kinds of squash. it's like saying "stone fruit and peaches", when peaches are just a kind of stone fruit! Sorry Tara! I saw this in Australian and New Zealand too. Now, I'm off to go make an agave (also from mesoamerica) roasted hassleback butternut squash.

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