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Good Books For New Witches

Unveil Your Inner Magic: Explore Our Best Books for New Witches






Embark on your enchanting journey into the world of witchcraft with the Spiral House Witch Shop, nestled within Portland Button Works! Our curated selection of "Best Books for New Witches" equips you with foundational knowledge and practical guidance to ignite your magical spark.

A Beginner's Guide to Your Magical Path

Do you feel the call of magic but unsure where to begin? The Spiral House Witch Shop is here to guide you! Delve into a diverse collection of books specifically chosen to empower budding witches. Explore introductory guides that illuminate core concepts like witchcraft ethics, establishing a practice, and essential tools for your magical journey.

Discover the Open Paths of Witchcraft

The world of witchcraft is vast and welcoming! Our selection focuses on open practices, traditional and folkloric witchcraft, and non-Wiccan forms of magic. Find books that resonate with your unique beliefs and spark your curiosity.

Building a Strong Foundation

We believe in laying a strong foundation for your magical practice. Find books that guide you through creating sacred space, crafting rituals, and harnessing the power of intention. Learn to tap into your intuition and develop a deeper connection to the unseen realms.

More Than Theory: Make it Personal

Our curated selection goes beyond theory. Explore books that help you incorporate your existing knowledge and interests into your practice. Discover resources that inspire you to explore the world in new ways and create a personal and meaningful magical path.

Embrace Your Magic Today!

Let the Spiral House Witch Shop be your partner on your magical journey. Explore our "Best Books for New Witches" collection and discover the resources you need to confidently step into your power and explore the wonders of witchcraft.

Shop our Best Books for New Witches collection today and ignite your inner magic!

Have any specific questions? We're Here to Help!

Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of choices? No worries! The Spiral House Witch Shop offers a supportive community and helpful staff. Feel free to send us your questions through our contact form, and we'll be happy to guide you on your path.


ISBN: 1647394023
This is my new go-to guide for new witches. It is a witchcraft based in nature and elements and untangles religion from witchcraft as a practice but s..
Enhance your spellcraft skills and improve your magickal results with this 8-week course. Designed for beginners and intermediate witches, this course..
Origin: Llewellyn Books ISBN: 0738715840
"Ellen Dugan's books were a game-changer for me when it comes to understanding witchcraft. While I've moved away from the specific brand ..
Origin: Alex Wrekk
In Brainscan #33 DIY Witchery, I share my personal journey with witchcraft. I have been studying and practicing for over a decade and it has played a ..
Origin: Alex Wrekk
A 2 zine set about Alex Wrekk's exploration of secular Witchcraft:Zine #1: Brainscan #33 - DIY WitcheryDescription: "Brainscan #33 - ..
ISBN: 1734742275
In "Conjuring the Commonplace," Cory and Laine, explorers of North American folklore and magic, explore the magic concealed within common ob..
Origin: Llewellyn Books ISBN: 0738706256
Ellen Dugan's books were the first witchcraft books that I read where things started to click for me. I had read a bunch of neo-Wiccan books that ..
ISBN: 198217434X
Challenge your assumptions about witchcraft, Paganism, and spiritual seeking and learn how to craft your own magical path with this timely and enterta..
ISBN: 1641523999
Imagine a door between the world you know and a world where tradition, ritual, and the occult lie. The key to unlocking it is in your hands. Open it -..
ISBN: 0525509658
A wise, witchy, and welcoming guide to living life magicallyMya Spalter has spent years among candles, herbs, cats, and spells as an employee at..
Origin: Llewellyn Books ISBN: 0738703184
This was the first witchcraft books that I read where things started to click for me. I had read a bunch of neo-Wiccan books that seemed so structured..
Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans
Out Of Stock
ISBN: 1329943570
Even in pagan antiquity, there were those who, while participating in the community's religious life, did not believe in literal gods. In the cent..
Origin: Bree NiGarran ISBN: 9781541145788
Grovedaughter Witchery by Bree NicGarranThis is a great practical jumping off point to study witchcraft with a non-denominational, and secular lea..
House Witch: Your Complete Guide to Creating a Magical Space with Rituals and Spells for Hearth and Home
Out Of Stock
ISBN: 1507209460
From the publisher"Everything you need to know to create your very own "sacred space"--perfect for practicing home-based witchcraft..
Origin: Llewellyn Books ISBN: 0738751987
Ok, I know the title and cover of this book are a bit cheezy, bu really enjoy the coversational tone of this book and the adaptability of the techniqu..
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