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Witchcraft & Magic Books

Unveil the Mysteries & Ignite Your Power: Explore Witchcraft & Magic Books

Embark on a transformative journey and explore the captivating world of witchcraft, magic, and paganism with the Spiral House Witch Shop, nestled within Portland Button Works. Our carefully curated collection of books empowers both budding witches and seasoned practitioners alike.

A Grimoire for Every Path

Dive into a diverse selection of books, meticulously chosen to illuminate your unique magical path. Whether you're drawn to the rich traditions of witchcraft, the multifaceted world of paganism, or the untamed energy of chaos magic, we have the resources to ignite your spark.

Beyond the Basics: Deepen Your Craft

Our collection extends far beyond introductory materials. Delve into books that hone specific magical skills, explore the history and evolution of witchcraft, or navigate the intricacies of practice building. We offer a wealth of knowledge for those seeking to deepen their understanding and refine their craft.

Can't Find What You Seek? We'll Find It!

Don't let your magical quest be thwarted! If the specific book you desire isn't on our shelves, fear not! Our extensive network of distributors allows us to locate it for you. Even if your search extends beyond witchcraft or paganism, we're here to help you find the knowledge you crave. Contact us here.

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Explore the PBW Witch Shop and discover the perfect book to guide you on your magical journey. Let us be your partner in exploration and empowerment as you venture deeper into the world of witchcraft, magic, and the mysteries they hold.

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ISBN: 1780995490
by Lee Morgan 168 pagesDive into the world of traditional witchcraft with A Deed Without a Name. This book brings together decades of experience ..
Origin: Troy Books ISBN: 0738765740
First published in 1680, A Discovery of the Impostures of Witches and Astrologers is an important historical resource on the ideas and beliefs surroun..
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 978099687714
Get a better understanding of capitalism and its impact on you with A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer. This 40-page book breaks down the history, nature,..
We have two ways for you to purchase gift certificates for use on the Portland Button Works Website! 1) Go to this page on our website if..
ISBN: 1647394023
This is my new go-to guide for new witches. It is a witchcraft based in nature and elements and untangles religion from witchcraft as a practice but s..
Enhance your spellcraft skills and improve your magickal results with this 8-week course. Designed for beginners and intermediate witches, this course..
Origin: Llewellyn Books ISBN: 0738765430
You don't need a lush garden to begin wildcrafting--you can find plenty of magickal herbs growing just outside your door. A Witch's Guide to W..
Origin: Troy Books ISBN: 0738765759
Explore the magical world of animals with this comprehensive guide. From reptiles and amphibians to birds, insects, and more, learn about the rich his..
Origin: Crossed Crow
Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Shadow Magick Compendium with Raven Digitalis' revised and expanded edition, now titled A Witch's Shadow..
Acéphale Acéphale
Out Of Stock
From Contagion Press:Acéphale (1936–1939)by Georges Bataille et. al.In 1936, at the height of the anti-fascist struggle, ..
ISBN: 1904658415
The author assumes no previous knowledge of the field, only a willingness to explore what magick offers. Chapman draws on a wide range of experience, ..
Origin: Weiser Books ISBN: 1578638259
Unveil the Magic of Animistic Witchcraft: In Alive with Spirits, Althaea Sebastiani, a respected witch and teacher, offers a transformative guide to w..
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 9781732552333
From the publisher Gods & RadicalsHow does capitalism work (and why isn’t it working)? How do the rich use race and gender strife to div..
Origin: Weiser Books ISBN: 1578637457
I ordered this book months ago at the request of a customer, and upon reading it, I was moved by its poignant exploration of the liminal space and its..
ISBN: 0738764345
"This book is a guide for Witches who want to strengthen their connection to their bodies and the natural world. It provides tools and techniques..
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