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Tarot Cards

Seek Guidance and Spark Intuition: Explore Tarot Cards & Divination Decks

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and unveil the whispers of your intuition with our captivating collection of tarot cards and divination decks! Nestled within the "Other Fun Stuff" section of Portland Button Works, you'll find a treasure trove of tools to illuminate your path and connect with the unseen realms.

A Deck for Every Destiny

Whether you're a seasoned tarot reader or a curious newcomer, we offer a diverse selection of decks to suit your unique style and practice. From classic Rider-Waite-Smith interpretations to contemporary, indie-designed decks bursting with vibrant artwork, there's a perfect deck waiting to be explored.

Beyond Tarot: Unveiling Other Paths

Our collection extends beyond tarot, offering a variety of divination tools for those seeking alternative methods of insight. Explore oracle decks with powerful messages and evocative imagery, or delve into rune sets, each stone imbued with ancient wisdom.

More Than Just Fortune Telling

These decks are powerful tools for self-reflection, fostering intuition, and igniting creativity. Whether you use them for daily guidance, shadow work, or simply sparking introspection, these divination tools can be a meaningful addition to your spiritual practice.

Find Your Path to Clarity

Step into the world of the PBW Witch Shop and discover the deck that resonates with your soul. Let these cards be your guide on your journey of self-discovery and illumination.

Shop our Tarot Card & Divination Decks collection today and embark on your exploration!

We have two ways for you to purchase gift certificates for use on the Portland Button Works Website! 1) Go to this page on our website if..
ISBN: 524854530
Enhance your self-empowerment and spiritual guidance with the Believe in Your Own Magic Oracle Deck, created by two-time Goodreads Choice Award-winnin..
ISBN: 1647228514
Embrace the magic of the Buffyverse with this stunningly illustrated tarot deck inspired by the iconic TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Delve into ..
ISBN: 145217363X
This entertaining modern twist to the classic tarot combines authenticity with a feline sense of humor in a complete deck for experienced and new read..
Conjure Cards: Fortune-Telling Card Deck and Guidebook Conjure Cards: Fortune-Telling Card Deck and Guidebook
2-3 Days
Origin: Weiser Books ISBN: 1578637449
A unique divination deck based on the authentic backwoods traditions, folklore, and superstitions of Appalachia.For centuries, people living in Ap..
For fun? For education? For attempting to win an argument? To be roasted by using them as a divination deck?Whatever way you use them, these cards..
Crow Tarot
Out Of Stock
ISBN: 1572819618
Paying homage to the mystical energy of crows and ravens, Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the veil and connect with our intuitive powers. This a..
Fuck Everything Pendulum Board Fuck Everything Pendulum Board
Out Of Stock
A fun take on a tried and true divination tool! Find out what in particular should be fucked with this Fuck Everything wooden Pendulum board! This a 4..
ISBN: 088079965X
This is a super fun little Halloween themed deck!From the publisherFollow the black cat through the Halloween Tarot! The artwork conjures up a..
Labyrinth Tarot Deck and Guidebook Movie Tarot Deck Labyrinth Tarot Deck and Guidebook Movie Tarot Deck
Out Of Stock
ISBN: 164722182X   
A personal note, I find the card stock to be rather flimsy with these cards, but the artwork is really nice. It seems like it is built more for collec..
ISBN: 0913866598
Maybe you want a simple small tarot deck to travel with or keep in your bag? Then this it 1.75" x 3" sized deck is for you! It's so cute..
ISBN: 1454938684
Modern Witch Tarot DeckA fun modern twist on the (Rider-Waite) Coleman Smith tarot deck with artwork by  Lisa Sterle. It come it a neat box w..
Modern Witch Tarot Journal Modern Witch Tarot Journal
2-3 Days
ISBN: 1454943122
This is a companion journal for the Modern Witch Tarot but could be used with any deck. It's really beautiful and thoughtfully put together. 256 p..
ISBN: 0738766429
As an omen bringer, messenger, and scavenger, the crow has no master. It brings you the answers you need, although not always what you wanted. This ca..
Origin: Silver Sprocket ISBN: 9781945509292
"Featuring body outlaws, endangered cultures, and anti-colonial belief systems, THE NEXT WORLD TAROT envisions a world where justice relies on re..
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