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Queering the Tarot

Queering the Tarot
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Queering the Tarot

Queering the Tarot

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"Tarot is best used as a tool for self-discovery, healing, growth, empowerment, and liberation. Tarot archetypes provide the reader with a window into present circumstances and future potential. But what if that window only opened up on a world that was white, European, and heterosexual? The interpretations of the tarot that have been passed down through tradition presuppose a commonality and normalcy among humanity. At the root of card meanings are archetypes that we accept without questioning. But at what point do archetypes become stereotypes?Humanity is diverse--culturally, spiritually, sexually. Tarot has the power to serve a greater population, with the right keys to unlock the tarot's deeper meanings. In Queering the Tarot, Cassandra Snow deconstructs the meanings of the 78 cards explaining the ways in which each card might be interpreted against the norm. Queering the Tarot explores themes of sexuality, coming out, gender and gender-queering, sources of oppression and empowerment, and many other topics especially familiar to not-straight folks. Cassandra's identity-based approach speaks directly to those whose identity is either up in the air or consuming the forefront of their consciousness. It also speaks to those struggling with mental illness or the effects of trauma, all seekers looking for personal affirmation that who they are is okay."




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This is a 1.25" pinback button with Space to write in your pronouns. This is available in bulk quantities...
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This is a 1.25" pinback button with the gender pronouns She/Her & They/Them. This is available in bulk quantities...
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This is a 1.25" pinback button with the gender pronouns He/Him & They/Them. This is available in bulk quantities...
As low as $0.40
This is a 1.25" pinback button with the gender pronouns He/ Him. This is available in bulk quantities...
As low as $0.40
This is a 1.25" pinback button with the gender pronouns They/Them. This is available in bulk quantities...
As low as $0.40
This is a 1.25" pinback button with the gender pronouns She/Her. This is available in bulk quantities...
As low as $0.40
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