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I love Isy and I love her comic zine, Moregenmuffel! Isy has been documenting her life as a comic for years and years. Her comics include travel adventrues, vegan cooking for the masses, list of thinged hated by her and guest hate lists! This one dates from 2008 where Isy travels from the Uk to the ..
A hilarious little zine full of Zach's unpopular opinions on food-- mushrooms taste like dirt, melons encourage racism and pudding feels like alien body goo. Eight sections: plants, meat, cheese, breakfast shit, desserts, snacks, liquids and other. Bonus lentil soup recipe too!..
The second issue of Zach's hilarious "reviews of some of the things we put in our mouths." You wouldn't think that reading reviews of "cookies" or "pretzels" would be amusing, but somehow Zach makes it so. An excerpt: "Cherries, there are many things ..
The third issue of Zach's hilarious "reviews of some of the things we put in our mouths."  ..
The 4th issue of Zach's hilarious "reviews of some of the things we put in our mouths."  ..
From Pioneers Press:"Two hundred and eighty pages on traveling by bike across the country and all the dumpster-diving, illegal rooftop-sleeping, pool-hopping, train-hopping, squatting, big skies, funny danger, dangerous fun, etc, that goes along with it. You will fall in love with Matt Gauck..
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Brand: Finn
This is a lovely exploration of the elements in poetry and prose but Finn of Everyday Magic zine filled with thoughtful words and illustrations...
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Brand: Sweet Candy
From Sweet Candy PressCelia Perez captured my heart years ago with her words that were both handwritten and typed up in her personal zine, I Dreamed I Was Assertive. When a new issue would arrive in my po box, I'd lovingly open the envelope and brace myself for the magic inside. Celia neve..
From the peculiar pamphlet series by our friends at Fiddler's Green: The Magician’s Library as Mentor, Companion & Oracle A Fiddler's Green Leaflet by Clint Marsh & Jeff Hoke 12 pages, 3 illustrations, and copper foil leaf logo on the cover Your home library is mo..
This is a fun one! Bryce Canyon and Candi Floss read the goods so you don't have to ... or, maybe they are making a reading list for you. I guess that depends on you. This is a fun zine full of reviews of biographies about interesting people: Musicians, actors, artists, scenesters, radical..
Brand: Jonas
Jonas curated this conversation with parents on parenting. I suspected all the parents were making it up as they go along. There is writing by: Edward Jenkins Hernandez, Justin Birnholz, Rust Belt Jessie, Kristi Nommensen, Tomas Moniz, and  Kelli Callis..
Billy gets personal in list style! 59 points of reference discussing addiction and substance abuse told through Billy's experience with his younger brother and his thoughts and experiences avoiding the same fate. 40 pages, 1/4 sized, risograph printed  ..
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