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Personal (perzine)

Personal zines or Perzines tell stories from the personal lives of the authors

Eight years in the making, One More for the People is the first collection of Martha Grover's zine Somnambulist. Playful, wry, and conversational, One More for the People chronicles three generations in the life of the Grover family. As these idiosyncratic characters reluctantly confront adultho..
POPs Parents on Parenting #1
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Brand: Jonas
Jonas curated this conversation with parents on parenting. I suspected all the parents were making it up as they go along. There is writing by: Edward Jenkins Hernandez, Justin Birnholz, Rust Belt Jessie, Kristi Nommensen, Tomas Moniz, and  Kelli Callis..
Billy gets personal in list style! 59 points of reference discussing addiction and substance abuse told through Billy's experience with his younger brother and his thoughts and experiences avoiding the same fate. 40 pages, 1/4 sized, risograph printed  ..
From Billy: "Issue #31, from March of 2020. I took a trip to Oakland, then me and my friends went to a museum. On display were lots of beautiful, funky, and weird costumes. My shoes sort of looked like they would fit in with the costumes.... Long story short, I flew home in my socks, l..
I haven't read and issue of Resist in years and was very pleased when I got this in the mail. Cracking open an issue of Resist is like cracking open a beer and having a chat with a friend around a backyard fire pit. Matt always shares is experiences and knowledge about gardening, bikes, and all ..
From Mat Resist This is a collection of short stories about bicycling in Minneapolis in the winter.  It starts off with broken bikes and a failing resolve.  At the beginning of the book, I’m not ready for another brutal Minnesota winter on my bicycle.  Somehow I get myself to..
From Punch Drunk PressIn Ringside, Adam Gnade continues the work he began with his debut Pioneers Press release, The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad. As a companion text to the original work, Gnade's new release looks at taking an inventory of your life, finding the th..
Rock 'n' Roll Astrology and Rituals is guide to celebrating rock 'n' roll and all the planets (and dwarf planets) in our solar system. While this isn't your typical astrology guide, it does draw on traditional astrological characteristics for the planets. Each rockstar is pair..
Rum Lad Issue 11 Rum Lad Issue 11
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Brand: Steve Larder
In this issue,  Steve reviews and draws 16 horror movies (and one podcast) that he watched during October 2017. Titles include the following - - The Ash Tree (1975). - Nightmares in a damaged brain (1981). - Dead of night : 'The Exorcism' (1972). - House on Haunted Hill (1959). -..
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Rum Lad Issue 12 Rum Lad Issue 12
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Brand: Steve Larder
In this beautifully illustrated and sweet zine Steve Larder memorializes his recently departed grandparents. Through sad, touching, and hilarious stories of his family Steve does an excellent job of sharing a bit of what made his grandparents special to him...
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Rum Lad Issue 4
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Brand: Steve Larder
Steve's art is amazingly detailed and brings to life the stories he tells in this issue of his zine. Steve writes about going to a zine fest in Dusseldorf, Germany. Although he and his travel mate run into some issues (she gets sick and has to return home early) and Steve only sells 9 zines..
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Rum Lad Issue 5 Rum Lad Issue 5
-75 %
Brand: Steve Larder
This is an epic zine! Follow Steve on tour with his band Moloch across the United States wrapped in his gorgeous illustrations from punk houses and urban grit to the glory of American wilderness and a California Redwood forest. Steve's ability to tell stories AND talent for illustration make me ..
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