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Pagan Anarchism

Pagan Anarchism

I really enjoyed this book. It critiques the poor scholarship in some “pagan” history like literal idea of the unbroken witch traditions while still honoring the threads of paganish folklore through history. It acts as a great primer for historical and contemporary anarchism doing a nice job of tying the paganish bits with the anarchism bits to feudalism and the downfall of The Commons. It critiques capitalism and progress and science divorced from the wonder and enchantment of the natural world. It posits a world viewed through animism as good for all, which I really enjoyed. It does lean on deity and paganism towards the end and I’m an agnostic witch, but I really enjoyed this. -Alex Wrekk

From the publisher Gods & Radicals

Our first offering by poet, anarchist, and Pagan Christopher Scott Thompson, Pagan Anarchism explores the history of anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist movements and discovers alongside them a fierce Pagan rebellion against the State.

Witchpunks, rebels, magicians, and revolutionaries will find this book both a compelling history and an inspiring manifesto.

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Tags: witchy, anarchism, intersectional feminism, paganism