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Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic
Mountain Magic

Explore the Secrets of Old Time Witchcraft

Embark on a mystical journey into the heart of Appalachia with "Mountain Magic," an illustrated exploration of the enchanting world of old-time witchcraft. Unveil the age-old wisdom and magical traditions concealed within the hills and hollows of this mystical landscape.

Appalachian and backwoods communities have nurtured a profound magical heritage, deeply intertwined with the natural world. Drawing from European, Native American, and African American folk magic, the witches of Appalachia cultivated a unique tradition brimming with ingenuity and reverence for the land. Join esteemed witch and forager Rebecca Beyer as she guides you through the secrets of this potent realm.

Within the pages of this enchanted guide, you will:

  • Discover the medicinal and magical applications of common Appalachian plants and herbs.
  • Encounter the diverse range of traditional magical practitioners, from Blood Stoppers to Water Witches.
  • Explore an array of charms and curses, from the mystical witchballs to potent love workings.
  • Immerse yourself in the lore of celestial bodies and the changing seasons, harnessing their energies to flourish.

Dive deep into the captivating world of Appalachian magic, where you'll encounter:

  • Time-honored mystical beliefs regarding weather, seasons, and the celestial dance of the moon and stars.
  • Delectable recipes, including a blood-moving tonic salad for spring and a purifying spicebush tea.
  • In-depth profiles of the mystical and medicinal attributes of vital mountain plants, such as ginseng, blackberry, poke, sassafras, and mullein.
  • Protective charms against malevolence, including witch bottles, holly twig charms, and the venerable SATOR ROTAS square.

With its exquisite illustrations, "Mountain Magic" empowers you to bring the wisdom and magic of the wilderness into the modern world. Forge a magical practice rooted in ancestral traditions and the nurturing embrace of nature.

Table of Contents:
News Come from Down the Mountain
The Appalachian Witch or Conjure Person
Witch Doctors & Charm Doctors
Water Witches & Dowsers
Wart Doctors
Granny Women or Granny Midwives
Yarb Doctors
Burn Whisperers
Blood Stoppers
The Landscape
The Roots of Appalachian Medicine
Folk Medical Knowledge
The Tonic Tradition
Cayenne Pepper
Jimsonweed, Datura
Mayapple or American
Horse Nettle
Rabbit Tobacco
Materia Magica
Protection from Evil
Breaking Curses
Witch Bottles
Healing Charms
Love Workings
Ghosts & Spirits
Lore for All Seasons
Planting by the Signs with Mountain Astrology
Astrological Lore
Some Final Words
About the Author

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  • ISBN: 1577153359


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