Current turn around for custom orders under 1,000: 2-5 days business days from receiving properly formatted artwork. Turn around times are based on a Friday-Tuesday work week.


General questions

We do not sell sewing buttons.

We sell pinback buttons.

The kind that are like little pictures you pin to your clothes.

You might think this is silly but we have had people show up looking for the wrong kind of buttons!

Nope. None of the above.

If you need button parts or machines you should order from our friends They are located in Spokane and generally ship super quickly!

Email is ALWAYS the best way to get in touch:

We no longer have open hours. So, there is no guarantee that we are at the shop to answer the phone. Email will be answered even when we are not in the shop. The phones don't always get answered due to the noise of production and the phone texts and voicemails are more often spam and telemarketers, so we do not answer it. (Also, our shop phone was recently stolen along with a brand new laptop. We have a replacement for the laptop but not the phone yet). Contact through email is preferred and it allows for a written record of your request which is helpful to both you and us.

Our contact form is here.
That depends on the size, the quantity, and if you can provide properly formatted artwork.It starts at $5 per item but can go down to as low as 14 cents a piece with bulk orders.

Go here to see the custom items we offer and select the item to go to the product page.

Once you are there you can enter the quantity you would like and and the price will be calculated for you based on the volume price breaks.

You order will be in the mail or ready for pick-up at our shop in North Portland within 2-5 business days (upon receiving completed artwork) for orders of 500 or less. Larger order will take longer depending on our current work queue. Please note that we are not in the shop on Wednesdays and Thursdays but we do work through the weekend.

We are no longer a store front and do not have open hours. All order pick ups and catalog/shop browsing must be scheduled. Please get in contact about setting up an appointment. Email is the best way: We are generally not in the shop on Wednesdays and Thursdays but we are often here on weekends.

Once you have set up an appointment and we know you are coming we will place our mobile doorbell outside the shop. Please ring it and someone will meet you and bring you back.

We no longer have a store front and have moved into a secured warehouse space in North Portland not far from our old shop. We do not have open hours, Please do not show up without and appointment.

We have a mobile doorbell that we put outside the warehouse when appointments are scheduled.

We no longer do in store consultations. We, regret this choice but the store front walk-ins became untenable.

Have you tried using our Design-O-Matic? You can upload images online and use the online program to create your artwork.

OR, download our design templates and use your own computer with graphics application (Photoshop, GIMP, etc...)

No, we do not rent button machines. Our machines are the tools of our trade and we need them daily.

Go to our custom item page and select the item you would like to purchase.

Then, please select the available options. Pick the kind of printing or paper you would like, choose packaging and designs options, and let us know where we can find your artwork.

Also, let us know if you would like us to post a photo of the finished order to instagram.

If you have completed your artwork to the specifications as specified in the product listing, you can upload it on the page. (If not, that’s fine too! Please continue reading below.)

If you have one design, enter the amount you would like in the box provided and the website will calculate the price based on the quantity price breaks, then add the item to the cart. If you have multiple designs, upload each design separately with a specific quantity then add to cart. Each design/quantity will need to be uploaded to the cart separately.

Once you are finished you may continue on to checkout. If you have any questions or concerns please list them in the order notes. If you plan to pick your order up at our North Portland shop there is an option for that in checkout. You can also opt to pay in shop when you pick up your order. Once your order is placed we will send email status updates as your it moves through our system. If you do not receive these emails check your spam folder just in case. We will contact you through email to let you know if we have any questions about your order/artwork, when it goes into production, and when it is ready for pick up. We will also send a link with tracking info when it ships.

Sometimes? We are still getting settled into our new space and are trying to get a few things sorted before accepting distro submissions again, sorry.