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Doris #30

Doris #30

This is a brave issue of Doris! Cindy starts by talking about community, what it is and how it is formed. Cindy writes about her experiences bonding with 'normal' people in a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Training for Therapists and body workers after years of building most of her connections within the punk and anarchist communities. She writes about catching a bee swarm, creating useful study groups, and a west coast tour with her band.

But the heart of this issue is centered around accountability processes for survivors and perpetrators of abuse. She writes about how accountability should not necessarily be the first go-to option for survivors or perpetrators of abuse, and that a thrown together accountability process can be incredibly damaging. She writes about her experiences with abuse, both as a perpetrator and a survivor. And she includes an interview with Support NY, a DIY collective working in punk and anarchist communities to heal the effects of sexual assault and abuse. 

This issue is thoughtful, brave, and powerful. I'm still thinking about the ideas she explores in this issue. -KA

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