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I won't lie, I love this zine! I also really like Jonas, the guy who makes it. But I gotta say that this zine confuses me but interests me and makes me want to keep reading. In this intro to this issue Jonas touches on how hard it is to describe this zine by saying it is about "MEH" is a horrible way to describe this zines! I mean, not horrible in the way that people who don't understand humans might write off this zine because they found the cover confusing. But horrible in the “you spent a lot of love and time putting it together and you owe to your zine to have a better answer."

CHEER THE EFF UP! walks a fine line between fiction and reality and has characters that might be real people with conversation may be written as they should have come out by not necessary did come out. Reading this zine is like being in an alternate reality that exists in Jonas's head, and I think I really like that reality.

This issues touches on thoughts during different meals with co-workers and friends, something about a cake pony and Future Wives. Also stuff about Occupy Wall Street, the NATO summit Protests, and Cancer (the stupid disease, not the Zodiac sign)

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