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Cheap Toys #11

Cheap Toys #11

I think GIz might travel more than anyone I know.  This issue of Cheap Toys is full of stories of trains and tour through Europe. He plays music and goes to lots of place that make me jealous: Bulgaria, Istanbul, the Balkans, Slovenia, are a few to be mentioned. Most of this zine is written in English, but some is in French if you read French or feel like brushing up on your French. Also, Giz is a scholar punk at University in Nice, France who will soon be moviing to Montreal to study Library Science. He has lots to stay about the privilege of education. GIz travels a lot and he is great conversationalist. If you happen to meet him you should buy him a beer and listen to what he has to say.

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Tags: Cheap toys, giz medium, zine, travel, europe, trains, music, punk, french, balkans, endless rope, leeds, slovenia, xtra medium