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Cheap Toys #10 / Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes #2

Cheap Toys #10 / Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes #2

Giz Medium (Bus Stop press) and Amber Dearest (Fight Boredom distro and Culture Slut Zine) team up with this split zine full of travel land adventure!

Triumph Of Our Tired Eyes is Amber's answer to "What did you do this summer?"  And, as she puts it: "It's a zine about hitchhiking, friendship, and feelings." Also, Amber had a spot at zine residency at the Anchor Archive. I always dig these stories because I did a residency there in 2009 and enjoyed living in a shed and having adventures for 2 weeks! Also, Amber wrote about punching a dude in the face for harassing her. Amber is a badass!

This issue of Cheap Toys has Giz talking about leaving his home in the Suburbs of Monaco and his options being Newcastle, Uk or Montreal, Canada for his next academic adventure. Giz shares his scholarly experience as a punk at an academic conference in Utrecht, Amsterdam about  books and print media. I also read the piece that I heard him read on the Sinister Zinester tour in November 2012 about the City Museum in St. Louis.

I also want to mention that both of these zines have some French language in them. Giz lives in the French Riviera and Amber lives in Montreal. I really enjoyed this cross Atlantic split zine! Also, Amber's side has kittens on the cover. How could you not get this zine!

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