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The Charmers\' Psalter

The Charmers\' Psalter
The Charmers\' Psalter
The Charmers\' Psalter
The Charmers\' Psalter
The Charmers\' Psalter
The Charmers\' Psalter
The Charmers\' Psalter

The Charmers\' Psalter

The Psalms, mysterious in origin and possibly pre-dating Judeo-Christian scripture, play a critical role in classic grimoires and folk-magic traditions. This book explores the Psalms in healing, protection, cursing, averting evil, and engaging spirits with magical acts of bottling, burning, utterance, inscription, and more. Serving a vast array of needs, this book offers a unique approach to engaging with the world of spirit.

Table of Contents:


Introduction and Manner of Use 13

The Magical Psalms 19
Exorcism & Blessing of the Working Ground 19
For the Opening of the Rites of the Wise 20
For Blessing 22
In Thanks for Blessings & Answers Received 23
To Avert Evil 24
To Defend against Enemies & Return Curses 27
For Safety Amidst Evil 35
Against Slander 34
To Expose Slanderers, Liars & Persecutors 44
To Undo the Damage Caused by Slanderers 47
Against Evil, Plotting & Vengeful Enemies 47
Against Evil Spirits and People 48
Against Persecution 53
Against Magic 54
For Peace 56
For Fear 60
For Reconciliation 65
For Joy and to Dispel Melancholy 66
To Hasten the Healing of the Sick 73
Blood Stopping 74
For Broken Bones 75
For all Physical Injuries 75
For Aches and Pains 76
For Aches in the Head or Back 77
For the Eyes 77
For Money and Material Needs 79
Against Poverty 80
For Success in Business 82
To be Fortunate 85
For the Respect of High Persons 87
For Power 93
To Cause Love 94
To Curse Enemies & Oppressors 97
To Strike Enemies with Terror 100
For Vengeance upon Enemies 102
To Punish the Harmful 102
To Return Evil upon Enemies 103
For the Destruction of Enemies & Persecutors 105
To Kill Enemies 107
To Raise Dark Assistance against Enemies 109

Other Verbal Charms 111
For Toothache 111
To Charm a Sprain 112
For Bone-Setting 112
For Blood-Stopping 113
For a Burn or Scald 113
To Charm Warts 114
For Illness in General 114
Against Epidemics 115
A Herb-Gathering Charm for Healing 116
A Herb-Gathering Charm against Witchcraft 116
A Herb-Gathering Charm for Vervain 117
A Charm against Thieves & Enemies 117
A Suffolk Charm against Thieves 118
A Charm to Protect the Household by Night 119
Protection from Assault 120
A Welsh Cursing Charm 120

Gemma Gary is a devoted practitioner of old-style witchcraft, folk magic, and cunning traditions, and cofounder of Troy Books, which specializes in occult and witchcraft traditions of England. She is the author of six books, including the bestselling Traditional Witchcraft. A British old-craft initiate, Gemma serves as the founder of the Craft Order Kord Bucca and as the Dyawles of the coven Ros an Bucca. Additionally, she is a Guise dancer in Penzance's popular midwinter festival and a longstanding trustee of the world famous Museum of Witchcraft & Magic. Gemma lives and works in the far west of Cornwall, a land rich in ancient sites, folklore, seasonal customs, and magical tradition.

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