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Button template tutorial

This is a super scrappy tutorial on how to make your own buttons using our template and GIMP which is a completely free and open source software that is similar to Photoshop. This is a PC based tutorial. Macs confuse me and tablets aren't computers built for this kind of work. You would be much better off using our Design-O-Matic

First you need to get the template from the browser to your computer by right clicking on the image of the template and saving it to your computer. Remember where you saved it so you can find it later.

Open GIMP and under FILE choose OPEN and find the template you have saved to your computer

Once opened it will look something like this

OK, now maybe you want to put some text on the button but you want a background that is not white. Click on the bucket to select it and click on the color selector to select your color. Then use the bucket to color the background. Leave the "face line" This is just a guide to show what will appear on the face of the buttons and it is just a guide to help you design your image. It will be erased before finished.

Do not change the size of the template. If you needed it bigger use the magnifying glass to enlarge it.

Want to put some text on it? Select the text tool and draw a box where you would like your text. Type you text and select it to change the color, size, margins. Use the box to change the area the text fills.

Once you are done typing and moving the text you will want to flatten the image

Now that the image is flattened you can erase the face line and the "bleed area" text. they were just there to show what will be on the face of the button and should be erased before sending to us. make sure the outer circle is visible or that your background color or image stop at that point.

The save your file and send it to or upload it to your Portland Button Works account or at checkout/

Oh, you want to put and image on the button. Cool. Try this:

Do the same thing as above with saving and opening the template file in GIMP.

Open the image you would like to have on your buttons in a different window in GIMP. Copy the image you would like on your button (Control + V)

Paste it into the design template.

As you can see, my image is too big for the template. DO NOT CHANGE THE SIZE OF THE TEMPLATE:

use the opacity tool to be able to see the face line of the button and what will fit on it.

Use the scale tool to change the size. make sure that the little chain icon between the height and width is connected so that the image is not distorted:

Use the Move tool to move your image around until it fits in the template. The image is still in less than 100% opacity so you can see where the face line is.

Erase the bits that cover the crop line. We MUST have the circle as that is where we like your artwork up with our die cutter to make sure it is centered. We do not need the face like. Cover or erase the face line. Buttons look best if the image carries out into the bleed but it does not need to go all the way to the cropping circle.

Put the opacity back up to 100% and you are ready to save your file!

Unless you are particular like me and are bothered by that white space.

I used the eye dropper to grab some of the green from the image of the PDX carpet and moved the carpet part of the image to it's own layer. That way  I can access the layer behind it by itself.

and then I filled the background with some of the green color

Flatten your file to make it a smaller file to email

Save your file and email it to upload it to your Portland Button Works account or  at checkout.

If that all sounds like too much for you, why not trying out the Portland Button Works Desing-O-Matic: