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10 Jul Celebrating International Zine Month: Get Your Free Poster Today!
alex 15 1068
In the world of creativity, expression, and independent publishing, July takes on a special significance as it is celebrated globally as International Zine Month. This vibrant and inclusive event honors the art of zine-making and provides a platfor..
26 Jan What is as Perzine?
alex 33 2828
What are perzines? Perzine is a genre of zine (click here for a description of zines!). It is short for "personal zine" and is often a self identified term used by zinesters to describe their zines written about their own personal thoughts, stories, ..
25 Jan Archived Zine  Podcast!
alex 0 1020
I've finally archived all the episodes of Nobody Cares About You Stupid Zine Pocast  and here are links to each episide:Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast 1 (best theme song!)This is the first Nobody Cares About You Stupid Zine Podcast w..
12 Jul Happy International Zine Month 2021
alex 0
International Zine MonthABOUT IZMDuring conversations with friends I found myself saying “Wouldn’t it be rad if there was an International Zine Month?” Which led to the question as to who  could make it official. This was actually a silly ques..
05 Dec Gifts for Self-Care
alex 0 2056
We all need a little boost this year. These are our picks for helping you or someone you love trudge through the end of this year and into the next one.Do It Yourself Guide To Fighting The Big Motherfuckin' SadRingside! A Companion Piece to The D..
04 Dec Gifts For Your Zinester Friends!
alex 13 2530
Are you looking for gifts for your zinester friend? Can't figure out how to ship a long arm Stapler? How about some of these items from our shop?Zine GameWe carried this back when it was hand cut cardstock cands and it was such a great way to pas..
01 Dec Gifts For People With Oddly Specific Interests
alex 12 2141
Looking for a gift for someone with a specific interest? Here's a few things from our catalog that might be of interest:Architecture and/or AstrologyArchitecture /Astrology: By Dan Graham and Jessica RussellI picked this up as a curio because I..
23 Oct Do You Have Portland Button Works Gift Certificates?
alex 7 2087
We do have Portland Button Works Gift Certificates!We have two ways for you to purchase gift certificates for use on the Portland Button Works Website!1) Go to this page on our website if you would like to purchase a gift certificate for a spe..
02 Jul What is a zine?
alex 121 4166
Let's take the defintion for zine from the book Stolen Sharpie Revolution: a DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture by Alex Wrekk!Zines ...(Pronounced like "magazine", without the maga and short for "fanzine")are physical, printed, self-publ..
02 Jul July is International Zine Month 2020!
alex 10 2228
Greetings and Happy International Zine Month! For each day of IMZ there's a prompt! I started IZM in 2009 and since 2012 I've made posters each year with little prompts for people to do. You can read more about it over on the International Zine Month..
03 Apr Celebrate Quaranzine fest and Stay home Zine Fest with a Portland Button Works Virtual Shop tour Saturday April 4, 2020 1PM Pacific!
alex 0 3347
We're all inside and the shop is back at our house. Why not stop by Alex's insgram on Saturday (Sunday for some of you!) to get a tour of the new space! Ask questions about button making! Ask questions about our zines and books! Check out how we cram..
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