It's been a rough few weeks for us.

On March 15th we were notified that everyone in the warehouse where we operated Portland Button Works (40 studios of small business, artists, and musicians) were evicted by the owner due to the negligence of safety codes of by the building's caretaker. We had 45 days to get out as the growing concern of the global coronavirus pandemic grew.

We are really upset because we loved our space and, after our website upgrade, our next focus was to make our shop more public and to start hosting events and making our space more open to the community. We knew the caretaker had a 5 year lease with another 5 year option after that. We had been assured by the caretaker that they were going to take on the next five year option for warehouse so we felt secure that we could be in that space for a good long time.

All that changed.

For now, we have moved back into our home in North Portland and back into the same room where I started making buttons and selling zines so many years ago. We are still making buttons and we are still selling zines and books through mail order and we can also arrange for contact-less pick in Portland. We have everything set up and ready to go as usuall and would love your support in this trying time.

The important thing is that we have our health and we have a place for our business to go, which is much more than a lot of people in the warehouse have. Some have no space for their equiment and some are immuno-compromised and unable to leave their home at this time. We are all really sad about this but hope that when we come out the other side of this we can band together to find a new space with some of our fellow warehouse friends. Until then I guess we are working from home like a lot of people these days.

Thank you for your support.

If you are intersted in photos of our scramble to get out of our shop, check out the "shop move" instagram story here.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Alex Wrekk & Paul Burke