Our new Design-O-Matic is live!

As with our old Design-O-Matic, you can add text and images and use our stock icons to make and save designs online. The new Design-O-Matic has new fonts, new background textures AND you can save files and edit them later!  The new Deisng-O-Matic built on HTML5, not Flash like the old one so everyone can use it. Feel free to check it out! Make Designs! And we will make the buttons!

Unfortunately if you used our old Design-O-Matic, you will have to register again. We were also unable to save the old files. We usually only save files for a year unless requested and we haven't had too many in the last few years. So a fresh start seemed reasonable.

Please keep in mind that this is only a design program to create and submit artwork. Orders for custom buttons need to be placed on the regular Portland Button Works website so that we know all the details like the size of the buttons, quantity, paper to print on, and where to send them when they are done.