Are you looking for gifts for your zinester friend? Can't figure out how to ship a long arm Stapler? How about some of these items from our shop?

Zine Game

We carried this back when it was hand cut cardstock cands and it was such a great way to pass the time at a zine fest. Now in new form! Perfect for quarantine times! You can teach your quarantine mates about what makes a zine.

The goal of this card game is to a build zines with content cards and added supplies. You can also mess up the zines of others but mixing up their pages or giving them a rubbrerband for binding (worst kind of binding!)

Behind the Zines

We have three issues of this zine about zines and zine culture. How meta!

Zine Crush: Confessions of Like

We have three issues of this zine about zine crushes! So cute!

Witchy Zinester's Pocket Book of Spells

This little zine has some really great spells for zinesters: vanishing magic, abundance, reversals, musings about a zinester tarot deck with swords becoming scissors, binding spells, sigils, and more in this beautiful little zine.

Stolen Sharpie Revolution: a DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture

The perennial gift for zinesters and aspiring zinesters since 2002! Now in 2020 it is available in hardcover! It's so pretty and would make an excellent gift.