Alex Wrekk (they/she)  is the owner of Portland Button Works and curates the selection in the PBW Witch Shop.

They have been studying witchcraft and building their own secular witchcraft practice since 2005. Alex describes their practice as a hearth witch set loose in a punk house of a philosophy student drop out. Alex is a “soft” animist and draws from folkloric magical tradition, chaos magic, fictional Disc World witches, and their own background in DIY Punk.

Alex lives in Oregon in 120 year old house in North Portland and enjoys making zines (pick up her Brainscan zines about her exploration of Secular Witchcraft or her book about zines Stolen Sharpie Revolution) tending her garden, commiserating with local neighborhood crows, building shrines and altars, hanging out with Paul and JackieCat, cooking vegan food, and enjoying fine craft beer.

Mary (she/her)is a lifelong bibliophile and once dreamed of being a librarian. Her bookish dreams came true for a while when she worked at a feminist bookstore and someone was silly enough to let her be in charge of buying books. She has been studying witchcraft for almost a decade and lives with a gremlin (black cat) named Toby.