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Behind The Zines #10 A Zine About Zines Behind The Zines #10 A Zine About Zines
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July 2020 New issue of Behind the Zines! There's articles by: Mark Cunning, Ed Kemp, Anna Jo Beck, Corinne Halbert, Todd Taylor, Gianni Simone, Sarah Mirk, Liz Mason, Jenan Freedman, Mike Faloon, Johnnie B Baker, Brian Polk.Plus a bunch of reviews of zines!..
Behind the Zines #11, the January 2021 issue! If you've never read it before, this is a zine about zines! Very zine-nerd, very meta. It'd be like if some hobbyists who liked cars got together and built a car ABOUT CARS.This issue includes:Cover by Ricky Vigil Story by Gina Sarti of ..
Behind the Zines #12, the August 2021 issue!Cover by Saeko ReedThe zine about zines! This issue features 14 different contributors, talkin' zines. Todd Taylor of Razorcake discusses the importance of organization, Cynthia talks about Zine Club Chicago, Ed Kemp and Johnny Gamber discuss t..
Your favorite zines about zines and zine culture!From Billy:Behind the Zines #9, released in January of 2020! Another issue packed with zine-nerd gold! This zine about zines is for people who are already deeply involved in the culture.Cover by John, of King Cat Comics! So happy to have h..
This quarter sized book is a fun read that you will want to share with your friends. Short sweet illustrated descriptions that explain the difference between things that are often confused or transposed.140 Pages with a spine!..
From Billy:"Four-Year Depression is my (Billy's) latest novel, all about the 2016 U.S. election. Accepting Trump as president has not been easy, and it's not an exaggeration to say that I've had an underlying sense of depression every day since he took office. And those fee..
The ongoing adventures of your humble casino dealer.....
The ongoing adventures of your humble casino dealer.....
The ongoing adventures of your humble casino dealer.....
From Billy:"Issue #31, from March of 2020.I took a trip to Oakland, then me and my friends went to a museum. On display were lots of beautiful, funky, and weird costumes. My shoes sort of looked like they would fit in with the costumes....Long story short, I flew home in my socks, l..
We carried this back when it was hand cut cardstock cands and it was such a great way to pass the time at a zine fest. Now in new form! Perfect for quarantine times! You can teach your quarantine mates about what makes a zine.The goal of this card game is to a build zines with content cards and ..
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