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Big Diamond by Liam Ira Christian

Big Diamond by Liam Ira Christian

From Pioneers Press

Big Diamond is 3 year old Liam Ira Christian's debut photo zine! He takes the photos, does the cut 'n' gluestick layouts, and writes (well, dictates) the hilarious/weird/brilliant/amazing captions. At 28 pages, and full of the people in his life, this zine is a lovable, inspiring piece of one little dude's soul. (Big Diamond #1 also has an interview with Liam about his artistic process.) When we asked Liam what he's going to do with the money he makes from his zine he said, "I'm going to buy a LOT of spinach." 

ABOUT THE ARTIST Liam Ira Christian is three and a half years old. He lives in Kansas on the Hard Fifty Farm. His mother, Jessie Duke, owns Pioneers Press. Liam has been surrounded by zines his whole life and helps his family run the distro by stapling zines, making buttons, and decorating envelopes for Pioneers Press orders.

It was Liam’s idea to do a zine of his photographs. Liam came up with the title of his zine, chose the pictures to include, did the page layouts, and stapled the copies.

Besides taking pictures, Liam enjoys playing in the garden with his brother Jack, dancing, helping with farm chores, and playing with his friend Adam’s Star Wars action figures from the ‘70s. Big Diamond is his first zine. 

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