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Paganism and Atheopaganism

Explore the Tapestry of Belief: Unveiling Pagan Paths & Animistic Practices

Embark on a captivating exploration of diverse pagan paths and animistic practices with the curated selection at the Spiral House Witch Shop, located within Portland Button Works. Delve into the rich tapestry of beliefs that connect us to the natural world and the spirit realm.

Unveiling the Pagan Spectrum

Our collection encompasses a wide range of pagan traditions, including the ever-evolving realm of atheopaganism. Discover books that explore the philosophies, rituals, and practices of various pagan paths, empowering you to find the one that resonates most deeply with your beliefs.

A World Ensouled: Animism & Nature Connection

Dive into the world of animism, where all things are believed to possess a spirit. Explore books that illuminate the interconnectedness of all living beings and the natural world. Learn how to cultivate a deeper relationship with the spirits of the land and foster harmony with the environment.

Beyond Labels: Finding Your Path

The Spiral House Witch Shop celebrates diversity! Our collection goes beyond categorization, offering resources that explore the intersection of paganism, animism, and other earth-centered spiritualities. Find books that challenge traditional perspectives and inspire you to forge your own unique spiritual path.

Embrace the Mystery & Ignite Your Connection

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner seeking to expand your knowledge or a curious newcomer drawn to the magic of the natural world, our collection offers valuable insights. Find books that empower you to connect with the spirit realm, honor the interconnectedness of all things, and embrace the mysteries that lie beyond.

Shop our Pagan Paths & Animism Books collection today and embark on your exploration!

Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 9781732552333
From the publisher Gods & Radicals How does capitalism work (and why isn’t it working)? How do the rich use race and gender strife to div..
“To be pagan is to be connected to the land in a way that stands outside of—and often in opposition to—the concerns of the urban and..
Origin: Troy Books ISBN: 9780738765679
From Troy Books: A comprehensive study of the image of the Black Dog in folklore, with an extensive gazetteer of over 700 UK sightings and ..
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 0996987770
From the Publisher Gods & Radicals Press Circling The Star is a practical journey into the esoteric wisdom of the Iron Pentacle for activists, ..
ISBN: 198217434X
Challenge your assumptions about witchcraft, Paganism, and spiritual seeking and learn how to craft your own magical path with this timely and enterta..
ISBN: 1623174929
To create a world free from oppression, we each have to face the ways that we maintain toxic social systems within ourselves. In Indigenous cultures t..
ISBN: 1620553996
An exploration of the wild spirits that once roamed the lands and inhabited the waters and the pagan rites used to gain their good will - Explores..
Origin: Troy Books ISBN: 9780738765785
From Troy Books: Cornwall is an ancient land steeped in legend and myth. From Granite to Sea explores the folklore of the often-overlooked ea..
Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans
Out Of Stock
ISBN: 1329943570
Even in pagan antiquity, there were those who, while participating in the community's religious life, did not believe in literal gods. In the cent..
ISBN: 0738747971
Jailbreaking the Goddess is a revolutionary revisioning of the feminine divine. Where the maiden, mother, crone archetypal system is tied to female bi..
ISBN: 178914471X
An excellent look at modern paganism through the lense of accurate history of the movement that is not afraid to dispel myths that have been perpetuat..
Mystai: Dancing out the Mysteries of Dionysos Mystai: Dancing out the Mysteries of Dionysos
Out Of Stock
Origin: Scarlet Imprint
From the Publisher: The Dionysian themed frescos of Pompeii’s Villa of the Mysteries constitute the single most important theurgical narrat..
ISBN: 1439191263
From the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Inside of a Dog, this "elegant and entertaining" ( The Boston Globe) explanation of how ..
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 9780996987738
I really enjoyed this book. It critiques the poor scholarship in some “pagan” history like literal idea of the unbroken witch traditions w..
ISBN: 0300268343
Embark on a Journey Through Time: Pagan Britain by Ronald Hutton, a leading expert on ancient history, delves into the fascinating world of Britain..
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