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Adam Gnade

Origin: Adam Gnade
ABOUT: Falling somewhere between Trainspotting and Like Water for Chocolate, Adam Gnade’s self-described “food novel” frames each ch..
Cave World by Adam Gnade
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Origin: Adam Gnade ISBN: 9781939899187
From Pioneers Press:Adam Gnade's second novel, Caveworld, is a howl of desperation as its characters fight to find love and meaning in a socie..
Origin: Adam Gnade ISBN: 978-1-939899
Adam Gnade's The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad is a self-described "anti-depression guide/guide to a fr..
Origin: Adam Gnade ISBN: 978-1-939899-37-8
From the publisherA pocketsize novel concerning modern farm living, wayward country punks, and the New Old West, Adam Gnade’s Float M..
Origin: Adam Gnade ISBN: 978-1-939899-46-0
iscover the Power of Love in a Chaotic World: I Wish to Say Lovely ThingsNew Release: Dive into Adam Gnade's latest masterpiece, I Wish to Say..
Origin: Adam Gnade ISBN: 978-1-939899-45-3
Discover Adam Gnade's captivating pocketsize novel, The Internet Newspaper, a nostalgic journey through the early days of the internet and the unc..
Origin: Adam Gnade ISBN: 9781939899248
"Locust House is an angsty, joyful, unfettered scream from 'The best and the darkest, the wildest hearts'" - Cultured ..
Origin: Adam Gnade ISBN: 9789398899026
From Punch Drunk PressIn Ringside, Adam Gnade continues the work he began with his debut Pioneers Press release, The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fight..
Origin: Adam Gnade
From Punch Drunk PressA continuation of the work started with his Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad, Adam Gnade's..
Origin: Adam Gnade ISBN: 9781939899354
A new novel from Adam Gnade, who also brought you The DIY Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfucking Sad, Caveworld, Ringside and Simple Steps to a life ..
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