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Scourge of Ians-Ruining EP Cassette

New Scourge of Ians-Ruining EP Cassette

Scourge of Ians-Ruining EP Cassette

1. Dominant Paradigm 01:30
2. Laugh Alone Tonight 02:42
3. Shores of Erohl 00:50
4. Diety Status Pending 02:30
5. The Privilege of Convenient Ignorance 02:39
6. Resident Expert Artpunk 02:13
7. Won't 02:15
8. I'm Glad That Rape Awareness is Ruining Your Sexlife 02:10

Recorded with Jake and Tuxedo Cat Feb. 2017 at their studio in Portland, OR.
Mixed Mar. 2017 all songs Lunchroom Publishing 2017.

Released April 4, 2017

Thanks to Johnny, Jake, Colton, Simon, Alex, Annie. Meagan, Cervante, Jagula,
The Ransom, Mr. Wrong, The Palace and the Spiral House Crows.

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