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Science Tarot

Science Tarot

I LOVE THIS DECK. It is so clever and unique and eye opening. You don't even need to read or collect tarot decks to appreciate this kind of exploration of Science concepts. Tarot isn't always about mysticism or telling the future, it's a tool for problem solving and exploration of the world around you and I think this deck does an amazing job with this. 78 cards, hard box, a detailed Little White Book that is way more than your usually LWB that comes with a tarot deck.

From the Publisher

"Science Tarot reinterprets the tarot with original artworks inspired by scientific discovery of the natural world. This offers an engaging, personal invitation into diverse fields of science, including astronomy, chemistry, physics, and biology.

Science Tarot cards can be laid out in patterns and read like traditional tarot. By viewing the science concepts on each card, associations trigger insights about the world around us and our place in it. Campbell's Hero's Journey is adapted to tell each suit's unique story from Ace to Ten. Find your own hero's path through the myths and archetypes represented in these science stories."

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