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Unleash your inner explorer at the Spiral House Shop, your one-stop shop for independent voices and captivating stories! Nestled within Portland Button Works, our curated zine distro and book selection offers a vibrant tapestry of creativity, inspiration, and literary adventures.

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We are passionate about fostering a thriving zine scene! Delve into our extensive zine distro, a treasure trove of self-published works bursting with raw creativity and unique perspectives. Discover the voices of emerging artists and writers, and explore a diverse range of topics that challenge the mainstream.

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Our journey doesn't stop at zines! Discover a curated selection of books that cater to a variety of interests. Whether you're a seasoned bibliophile or a graphic novel enthusiast, we have something to transport you to new worlds and ignite your passion for storytelling.

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The Spiral House Shop welcomes readers of all levels. Our diverse catalog offers something for everyone, from captivating children's books to thought-provoking literary fiction. Find the perfect companion for a cozy afternoon or a late-night adventure.

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Our collection fosters a sense of community. Explore zines and books that delve into themes of social justice, identity, and personal experiences. Connect with the voices of fellow readers and celebrate the power of shared stories.

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Let the Spiral House Shop be your gateway to a world of boundless imagination. Explore our curated zine distro and book selection, and discover stories that will spark your creativity, challenge your perspectives, and leave you forever transformed.

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Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 0996987770
From the Publisher Gods & Radicals PressCircling The Star is a practical journey into the esoteric wisdom of the Iron Pentacle for activists, ..
ISBN: 0760370818
BEGIN An Introduction to this Book, City Witchery, and my Kind of Magic ILLUMINATE Tapping into and Using Energies WANDER Letting Your Intuition Lea..
ISBN: 178914650X
Uncover the dark origins of England's idyllic countryside with Cloven Country. Explore the legends and myths that paint a sinister picture of the ..
Cometbus #54- In China with Green Day Cometbus #54- In China with Green Day
Out Of Stock
Cometbus #54- In China with Green Day, half size, 97 pages..
Cometbus #55 - Pen Pals
Out Of Stock
If you enjoy Aaron's writing you probably don't care if there is a description here or not because you already want it.A lovely story that..
Cometbus #56 A Bestiary of Booksellers
Out Of Stock
With the hyperbolic zeal and rancor of a true bookseller, Aaron Cometbus brings to life his chosen family: the booksellers of New York City...
I love Cometbus interview issues! This one is interviews with cartoonist:Gabrielle Bell, Robin Enrico, Jeffrey Lewis, Julia Wertz, Bill Kartalopou..
Cometbus #58. 48 pages. saddle-stitched. BxW. Zimmerwald, a novella by Aaron Cometbus. A teenager finds solace in a diner full of grumpy seniors ..
ISBN: 978-1-935150-66-4
Condensed Chaos provides a practical introduction to Chaos Magic, one of the fastest growing areas of Western Occultism. Through it you can change you..
ISBN: 1734742275
In "Conjuring the Commonplace," Cory and Laine, explorers of North American folklore and magic, explore the magic concealed within common ob..
Origin: Alex Wrekk
This 10" record has 7 pop-punk songs all about zines,  a zine filled with lyrics, stories, lists, and more. Plus, a download code to get the..
Origin: Llewellyn Books ISBN: 0738706256
Ellen Dugan's books were the first witchcraft books that I read where things started to click for me. I had read a bunch of neo-Wiccan books that ..
Craft of the Hedge Witch: A Guide to the Solitary Path Craft of the Hedge Witch: A Guide to the Solitary Path
In Stock
Origin: Crossed Crow
Unlock the secrets of Hedge Craft and explore the magic of the twilight plane with "Craft of the Hedge Witch" by Geraldine Smythe. As a newe..
ISBN: 1906958114
from the publisher:The Craft of the Untamed sets out to present the main pillars of traditional witchcraft. Its premise is that a proper tra..
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