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Zines, Books, & Comics

Zines, Books, & Comics

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Learn how to make fermented beverages like kombucha, tepache, and shrubs with this informative zine! Presented in a high contrast layout by Milio at the Queer Zine Archive Project, this zine is a must-have for anyone interested in brewing their own delicious and healthy fermented drinks...
"Botanical Curses and Poisons" is a comprehensive guide to toxic plants and their role in folklore and history. From apple to oleander, author Fez Inkwright delves into the untold stories behind a variety of lethal flora and their use in crime, religion, and magic. Each plant is beautifull..
Didscover the profound connection between humanity and nature with Braiding Sweetgrass, written by leading biology researcher and Potawatomi nation member Robin Wall Kimmerer. Through a unique blend of scientific and cultural perspectives, Kimmerer explores the delicate state of our world and offers..
Brand: Alex Wrekk
I haven't made an issue Brainscan in four years and I hope that this zine helps to explain why. Brainscan 21 explores my recognition of being in an emotionally abusive relationship, the attempts on both parts to right wrongs, the failure to do so, and gathering the strength to take the next step..
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Brand: Alex Wrekk
Released at the 2012 Chicago Zine FestA split zine with Brainscan #29 and no More Coffee #4Brainscan #29 - Ben Spies (no more coffee zine) threw out the challenge of fiction to my land of perzines and this is the grim result. These three short stories are my stab at fiction wrapped in the us..
Brand: Alex Wrekk
Squeaking in at the end of 2012 makes this 30 issues in 15 years!40 pages, 1/4 sized, 5 color risograph printed on recycled paper!This zine started to be about how awesome 2012 was going to be until the end of my year was almost ruined. I started the zine with the realization that I had grow..
Brand: Alex Wrekk
In Brainscan #33 DIY Witchery, I share my personal journey with witchcraft. I have been studying and practicing for over a decade and it has played a significant role in my personal growth. This zine is not a how-to guide, but rather a personal narrative of my experiences with witchcraft. I discuss ..
Brainscan #34 a Dabbler's Week of DIY Witchery Brainscan #34 a Dabbler's Week of DIY Witchery
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Brand: Alex Wrekk
In January 2020 there was an article/review of a witchcraft book where the author attempted to become a witch in a week by following the ideas in the book. They came to the conclusion that modern witches were anti-vax climate and change deniers. The internet witches freaked out! One cle..
$3.00 $4.00
Brand: Alex Wrekk
"I've lived in Portland, Oregon since 1999. I was 22 when I moved here and I turn 37 this summer. This city has seen me grow and change and become more myself. I've called other cities 'home". My first 10 years were spent in Texas, the next 12 in Utah. I've written about bo..
Brainscan Zine #33 DIY Witchery (An Exploration of Secular Witchcraft)
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Brand: Alex Wrekk
In 20 years of publishing Brainscan zine there is one incredibly important thing in my life that I have not written about, and that is witchcraft. I am a witch and I have been studying and practicing witchcraft for over a decade and it has been a very useful tool in my life and personal growth.T..
$4.00 $5.00
Brand: Alex Wrekk
It's 5 zines for $10!Brainscan #21 Brainscan #25 Brainscan #26 Brainscan #27 I Never Thought The Story Of My Life Would Be a Legal DramaThese five zines go together in a narrative of survival from an emotionally abusive relationship and rising through the ashes with the help..
$8.00 $10.00
Bringing Race to the Table: Exploring Racism in the Pagan Community is an anthology which explores the topic of racism and how it shows up in the Pagan community, as well as what we can do to discuss it and bring it out in the open. Each section of the anthology explores different facets of racism a..
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