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Unleash your inner explorer at the Spiral House Shop, your one-stop shop for independent voices and captivating stories! Nestled within Portland Button Works, our curated zine distro and book selection offers a vibrant tapestry of creativity, inspiration, and literary adventures.

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We are passionate about fostering a thriving zine scene! Delve into our extensive zine distro, a treasure trove of self-published works bursting with raw creativity and unique perspectives. Discover the voices of emerging artists and writers, and explore a diverse range of topics that challenge the mainstream.

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Our journey doesn't stop at zines! Discover a curated selection of books that cater to a variety of interests. Whether you're a seasoned bibliophile or a graphic novel enthusiast, we have something to transport you to new worlds and ignite your passion for storytelling.

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The Spiral House Shop welcomes readers of all levels. Our diverse catalog offers something for everyone, from captivating children's books to thought-provoking literary fiction. Find the perfect companion for a cozy afternoon or a late-night adventure.

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Our collection fosters a sense of community. Explore zines and books that delve into themes of social justice, identity, and personal experiences. Connect with the voices of fellow readers and celebrate the power of shared stories.

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Let the Spiral House Shop be your gateway to a world of boundless imagination. Explore our curated zine distro and book selection, and discover stories that will spark your creativity, challenge your perspectives, and leave you forever transformed.

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ISBN: 1910191000
Delve into the mysterious world of Witch Bottles with Daniel Harms' groundbreaking exploration - in this comprehensive account of this little-know..
ISBN: 157863699X
256 pages, Hardcover"Part history, part 'armchair' travelogue, Witch hunt is a captivating guide to the historic witch hunts and how ..
Witchbody: A Graphic Novel Witchbody: A Graphic Novel
Out Of Stock
Origin: Weiser Books ISBN: 1578636647
"An inspiring, playful, and sensual invitation to the experience of everyday magic--in the form of a wildly original graphic novel. Witchbody is ..
Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture by Arthur Evans Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture by Arthur Evans
Out Of Stock
from Contagion Press:This radical faerie classic, first published in 1978 by Fag Rag Press, uncovers the hidden mythic link between homosexualit..
ISBN: 150721393X
This hardcover book is beautiful and comprehensive about cocktails and not just the witchcraft.A stunning collection of 70 witchcraft-inspired d..
ISBN: 1638073384
Another thoughtful book from our favorite Fat Feminist Witch, of the podcast Fat Feminst Witcih: Paige Vanderbeck! Here's a new one from the autho..
Witches & Pagans From the Frame of Whiteness: Considerations & Applications for White people's Magical Practices
Out Of Stock
Wow! This zine is jam packed with thoughtful stuff! It's a really great resource for white pagans and witches and those interested in magic. it ev..
Origin: Myth & Lore
Witches on Film Zine - A mini zine discussing 8 pivotal films about witches from 1900 to 1969 ..
ISBN: 1558616616
Witches, Midwives, & Nurses: A History of Women HealersAs we watch another agonizing attempt to shift the future of healthcare in the United S..
Witches, Pagans, and Cultural Appropriation; Considerations & Applications for Magical Practice
Out Of Stock
This is an excellent and thoughtful read for white pagans, witches, and other folks who practice magic. I  Picked this up at the Olympia Zine fes..
ISBN: 1629635685
The world is witnessing a new surge of interpersonal and institutional violence against women, including new witch hunts. This surge of violence has o..
Origin: Cat Moth Crow
 This tiny mini zine is so brilliant! Zines and witchcraft, two of my favorite things!This little zine has some really great spells for z..
Origin: Troy Books ISBN: 0738765902
Two books in one, this pocket-sized guide features an intriguing "double-fronted" format. The first side provides medicinal herbal informati..
Writing Exercises (And Various Approaches to Life on Earth) Writing Exercises (And Various Approaches to Life on Earth)
New Out Of Stock
Origin: Antiquated Future ISBN: 9781736046937
Unleash your inner writer with Writing Exercises (And Various Approaches to Life on Earth)! This pocket-sized zine by Two Plum Press is packed with 40..
Year of the Witch: Connecting with Nature's Seasons Through Intuitive Magick Year of the Witch: Connecting with Nature's Seasons Through Intuitive Magick
-13 % Out Of Stock
Origin: Weiser Books ISBN: 1578637120
I love a good look at aspects of a practice and finding out what work for you. This book about the Wheel of the Year does a deep dive into asking you ..
$13.00 $14.95
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