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Brand: Steve Larder
In this issue Steve Larder documents his Moloch tour with Cloud Rat in a great mix of comic and illustration.      ..
Two of my favorite people from the tiny island of England do a split zine about going to Scotland and tromping around in the snow! Steve Larder of Rum Lad zine and Isy from Morgenmuffel comic zine take turns telling their story with their unique words and illustrations. -AW..
Three Days of My Life I Will Never Get Back Three Days of My Life I Will Never Get Back
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Brand: Steve Larder
The title sort of says it all. For some God forsaken reason, Steve (Rum Lad zine, the band Moloch) from the tiny island of England, decided it would be a good idea to take a Greyhound bus from Baton Rouge, Louisiana , USA to Portland, Oregon. This zine is full of illustrations about his misadventure..
We've Made a Huge Mistake: a Zine About Driving Across the Country with Everything You Own
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"My wife and I drove across the country twice, and it went... poorly. A zine of useful advice about road trips, cross country moves, and the tale of our moving disaster." -Zachary Auburn..
Tukru doesn't keep a diary, she writes this zine. Tukru runs Vampire Sushi zine distro and in this zine she talks about organizing a zine reading and workshop in her small town in the UK and also about tabling at other events. Tukru turns 30 and tells us all about the birthday adventrues and she..
Yay! A new issue of Turkru's zine! It's like getting a letter from a friend each time. This one is all about her trip back to Finland. There's visits with friends, family, food, karaoke, all with the suspense of waiting for a new passport...
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