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Personal (perzine)

Personal zines or Perzines tell stories from the personal lives of the authors

Rum Lad Issue 12 Rum Lad Issue 12
-67 %
Brand: Steve Larder
In this beautifully illustrated and sweet zine Steve Larder memorializes his recently departed grandparents. Through sad, touching, and hilarious stories of his family Steve does an excellent job of sharing a bit of what made his grandparents special to him...
$1.00 $3.00
Rum Lad Issue 4
-50 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Steve Larder
Steve's art is amazingly detailed and brings to life the stories he tells in this issue of his zine. Steve writes about going to a zine fest in Dusseldorf, Germany. Although he and his travel mate run into some issues (she gets sick and has to return home early) and Steve only sells 9 zines..
$1.00 $2.00
Rum Lad Issue 5 Rum Lad Issue 5
-75 %
Brand: Steve Larder
This is an epic zine! Follow Steve on tour with his band Moloch across the United States wrapped in his gorgeous illustrations from punk houses and urban grit to the glory of American wilderness and a California Redwood forest. Steve's ability to tell stories AND talent for illustration make me ..
$1.00 $4.00
Rum Lad Issue 6 and Gadgie 31 Split ZIne
-50 %
Brand: Steve Larder
A split zine with Rum lad and Gadgie    ..
$1.00 $2.00
Rum Lad Issue 9
-50 %
Brand: Steve Larder
In this issue Steve Larder documents his Moloch tour with Cloud Rat in a great mix of comic and illustration.      ..
$1.00 $2.00
Rum-Muffel Split Zine
-50 %
Two of my favorite people from the tiny island of England do a split zine about going to Scotland and tromping around in the snow! Steve Larder of Rum Lad zine and Isy from Morgenmuffel comic zine take turns telling their story with their unique words and illustrations. -AW..
$1.00 $2.00
Brand: Mend My Dress
Shotgun Seamstress is a zine by, for, and about black punks, queers, feminists, outsider artists, and muscians. This issue of Shotgun Seamstress contains lots of good stuff including an article about a trip to Nigeria to see family and a query about if there are  punks and sharing an explo..
From Punch Drunk Press A continuation of the work started with his Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin' Sad, Adam Gnade's new pamphlet is a series of peptalks and how-to's on dealing with the overwhelming bullshit of modern life. From list-keeping as a survival skill..
Brand: Jonas
A lovely comp zine asking a new round of folks "What gets you out of bed in the morning?" Writing  by: Joshua James Amberson, Alice Bag, Kelli Callis, Emma Karin Eriksson, Jenna Freedman, Nyxia Grey, Jennie Hinchcliff, Jim Joyce, Liz Mayorga, Matthew Moyer, Art Noose, Kendy Paxia, ..
Is it a perzine? Is it a Tarot zine? It's both! Wesley explores the Death card through personal understanding in a friendly and enlightening way. Any tarot reader will tell you that the Death card isn't actually bad and isn't isn't about actual death, except when it is. This li..
Is it a perzine? Is it a Tarot zine? It's both! Wesley explores the Knight of Cups card through personal understanding in a friendly and enlightening way. The knight if cups is a full of passion for something or a lot of things. Wesley explore the suit of Cups, the Knight card in relation to ..
From Julia Eff She's the grace of this world, she's too pure For the likes of this world This world is a whore. Tear the petals off of you Make you tell the truth... Ever since I started doing zines, I've been trying to write to the weird times we live in so other p..
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