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Do-it-Yourself zines!  Zines expressing DIY ethos and also zines that show you how you can DO IT YOURSELF!

Since 2002, Stolen Sharpie Revolution: a DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture has been the go-to guide for all things zine-related. This little red book is stuffed with information about zines. Things you may know, stuff you don't know and even stuff you didn't know you didn't know! S..
Contributor(s): Svenonius, Ian F (Author) from the publisher: This volume features essays (and black-and-white illustrations) on everything the would-be star should know to get started, such as Sex, Drugs, Sound, Group Photo, The Van, and Manufacturing Nostalgia. Supernatural Strategies will se..
I love how this zine is scrappy and thoughtful yet also a sophisticated look at art and music through the lens of punk and DIY. It's all the good things all at once! You could say it has interviews and reviews, but it's more than that and I really appreciate it. There's interviews wit..
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