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Spiral House Witch Shop

Welcome to the PBW Witch Shop: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Witchy!

Calling all witches, sorcerors, chaotes, and seekers of esoteric knowledge! The Spiral House Witch Shop, proudly housed within Portland Button Works, is your one-stop shop for exploring the magical world of witchcraft, paganism, and the occult.

A Curated Collection for Every Path

Our carefully chosen selection features a wide range of products, from informative zines and captivating books to divination tools and enchanting buttons and magnets. Whether you're drawn to traditional and folkloric witchcraft, the untamed energy of chaos magic, or the intersection of magic with social justice and activism, we have something to ignite your spark even including resources for building a secular witchcraft pracitce.

More Than Just Spell Books

The PBW Witch Shop is a haven for those seeking to explore diverse magical paths. We celebrate queer witchcraft, delve into the power of plant and herb magic, and offer resources for those who practice non-Wiccan traditions. Our ever-evolving collection reflects the rich tapestry of paganism and the occult.

Find Your Magical Tools & Allies

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner looking for new tools or a curious newcomer embarking on your magical journey, we're here to support you. Find the perfect divination cards to guide your intuition, discover inspiring books to illuminate your path, and adorn your world with enchanting buttons and magnets that celebrate your magical identity.

Shop Locally or Embrace Global Magic

Choose to pick up your treasures in-store at our Portland, Oregon location, or have them shipped directly to your doorstep – we deliver magic worldwide! Don't hesitate to reach out if there's a specific book you desire, even beyond the realm of witchcraft and paganism – our network of distributors might just help you find it.

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Want to lose yourself in a world of enchanting resources? Schedule some personalized browsing time at our North Portland shop! Simply visit link to Calendly: to book a time to explore the wonders of the PBW Witch Shop in person.

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Explore the Spiral House Witch Shop today and discover a world of possibility, empowerment, and connection. Let us be your guide on your unique magical path!

Origin: Troy Books ISBN: 0738765708
Created by a present-day initiate of the Old Craft, this modern grimoire shares thirteen craft rites for solo practitioners and groups. The Old One em..
Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words and Spells: From Abraxas to Zoar Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words and Spells: From Abraxas to Zoar
Out Of Stock
ISBN: 1620553740
Hardcover 448 pagesFrom The Publisher: A comprehensive handbook of more than 1,000 magical words, phrases, symbols, and secret alphabets- E..
Origin: Weiser Books ISBN: 1578637333
"Appalachian folk magic and conjure are little known today, but forty or fifty years ago, just about every person you might ask in Appalachia eit..
Express yourself respectfully this holiday season with our thoughtful "Don't Assume I Celebrate Christmas" design.This simple yet im..
ISBN: 1641523999
Imagine a door between the world you know and a world where tradition, ritual, and the occult lie. The key to unlocking it is in your hands. Open it -..
Dragon's Blood Satya Incense Dragon's Blood Satya Incense
Out Of Stock
Dragon's Blood Incense is made from the resin of the dragon tree. Its warm, earthy and slightly sweet aroma is said to have protective and purifyi..
Shamanism, religion and magic have long acknowledged the significance of dreams as a bridge to the spirit world, and over time developed practices for..
Calling all cat lovers! Show off your feline obsession with our adorable "Easily Distracted By Cats" design.This playful design features..
Calling all plant lovers! Show off your love for the botanical world with our eye-catching "Easily Distracted By Plants" design.This whi..
Is it a kettle? Is it a Cauldron? I think it's both! Plus, it's an elephant! How cute!Put some sand in it, burn some charcoal, toss on som..
ISBN: 1849352607
Inspired by Octavia Butler's explorations of our human relationship to change, Emergent Strategy is radical self-help, society-help, and planet-he..
From the peculiar pamphlet series by our friends at Fiddler's Green:Superstition and the Thinking Irrationalist A Fiddler's Green Leaflet..
ISBN: 0525509658
A wise, witchy, and welcoming guide to living life magicallyMya Spalter has spent years among candles, herbs, cats, and spells as an employee at..
ISBN: 978-0-9934736-2-3
SECOND EDITIONEngland’s Dark Dreaming was originally published in 2018 in a limited printrun of 250 copies which have long sold-out. This ne..
Origin: Finn
I've been searching for witchy zines and I have finally found one!Woo that is centered in justice and activism! Stories weave in and out with ..
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