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PBW Witch Shop

Welcome to the PBW Witch Shop, your destination for high-quality witchcraft, magic, and occult items. Our catalog, which is part of Portland Button Works, features a carefully curated selection of zines, books, divination cards, buttons, magnets, and more.

Our focus is on traditional and folkloric witchcraft, chaos magic, secular witchcraft, queer witchcraft, social justice and political witchcraft, plant and herb magic,non-Wiccan Magic and other topics related to paganism and the occult. You can either pick up your orders in Portland, Oregon or have them shipped to any location worldwide. Shop now for the best selection of witchcraft and magic items.

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Is there a book you would like to buy that we do not have? Get in touch! Even if it is not witchcraft, paganism, or magic related we might be able to track it down for you from our distributors. Contact us here.

"With legends going back over a millennia, Wassailing is a fascinating and colourful part of the folklore and traditions of Britain. From the Apple Wassails of Devon and Somerset, to the Doll Wassails of Yorkshire, this ancient blessing tradition has adapted itself to every level of society fro..
Weave the Liminal: Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft
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from the publisher"Create an authentic path of Witchcraft that works for you.How does a modern Witch embrace tradition while navigating a complex contemporary life? How can you remain true to your own authenticity when you're surrounded by a whole world of magical theories, practi..
Brand: Weird Walk
From Weird Walk:40 page A5 zine Printed on high quality recycled stock Contains magickWhat is Weird Walk? It started as friends walking and will no doubt continue as such. For us, walking is an active engagement with the British landscape and its lore.Amongst other things, come with ..
Brand: Weird Walk
From Weird Walk:48 page A5 zine Printed on high quality recycled stock May summon spiritsAs the harvest season ends and we stagger towards winter, the ghostly glimmer of other worlds hovers in our imagination. In this issue we will be channelling Samhain, the gateway to the darker half o..
Brand: Weird Walk
From Weird Walk:Rise up like the sun...48 page A5 zine Printed on high quality recycled stock A midsummer night's zineIn this issue we dive, like a drunken Norse king, headfirst into boozelore to pick out the legends and customs concealed in your glass. Elsewhere, strong vibes ..
Brand: Weird Walk
Weird Walk Zine Issue Five48 page A5 zine Printed on high quality recycled stockWe hope this little treat (or trick?) finds you well…The nights are drawing in and stories are told around the fire…At this time of year, as thoughts turn to winter, stories would have been..
Weird Walk #6 Weird Walk #6
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Weird Walk
Celebrate the winter solstice and ring in the new year with the sixth issue of our zine! Sip on a warm mulled cider as you explore the enchanting Savernake Forest and the mystical island of Lundy. Join Archer Sanderson on a doom metal journey and discover how contemporary art intersects with ancient..
I really enjoyed this look at witchcraft through the lens of folk herbalism and foraging. it's a real hands-in-the-dirt view of traditional witchcraft and how directly a practice can be build and tied into the land around you. it's a great look at living with and relating to plants as a witc..
From the publisher:Interweaving literature, history, and religion, an exquisite meditation on the turning of the seasons in medieval England.Winters in the World is a beautifully observed journey through the cycle of the year in Anglo-Saxon England, exploring the festivals, customs, and t..
From the same person who created the lovely Crow Tarot, here's the WIse Dog Tarot!Wise Dog Tarot was created as a tribute to the unconditional love and loyalty of dogs, large and small. Inspired by the symbolism of Rider-Waite, these 78 vibrant tarot cards help connect us to the wisdom and..
Wisht Waters - The Cult & Magic of Water Wisht Waters - The Cult & Magic of Water
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Troy Books
Discover the mystical power of water and its role in ancient rituals and magical traditions in "Wisht Waters". This book delves into the enchanting world of holy wells, sacred springs, pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, and the sea. Explore hydromancy, the art of divination through wate..
256 pages, Hardcover"Part history, part 'armchair' travelogue, Witch hunt is a captivating guide to the historic witch hunts and how their legacy continues to impact us today. Traveling through cities and sites across Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Unit..
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