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Gods and Radicals

Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 978099687714
Get a better understanding of capitalism and its impact on you with A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer. This 40-page book breaks down the history, nature,..
All That is Sacred is Profaned: A Pagan Guild to Marxism
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Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 9781732552333
From the publisher Gods & RadicalsHow does capitalism work (and why isn’t it working)? How do the rich use race and gender strife to div..
“To be pagan is to be connected to the land in a way that stands outside of—and often in opposition to—the concerns of the urban and..
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 0996987770
From the Publisher Gods & Radicals PressCircling The Star is a practical journey into the esoteric wisdom of the Iron Pentacle for activists, ..
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 97817325523
Five Princilpes of Green Witchcraft by Asa West is a tiny book packed with thoughtful principles to apply to your witchcraft practiceFrom Gods and..
“A story like “I don’t matter” seems persuasive when it’s ricocheting off the interior of our skulls but makes no sense ..
The old world is dying, a new world struggles to be born. This is the time of monsters…” Antonio GramsciIs it a bilingual book of de..
$11.00 $12.50
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 9780996987738
I really enjoyed this book. It critiques the poor scholarship in some “pagan” history like literal idea of the unbroken witch traditions w..
In this time of economic, social, and environmental collapse, we cannot rely on governments or leaders to guide us through the chaos. Yet this is no r..
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 9781732552395
A Practical Guide For Surviving The Collapse Of EMPIRE With Others54 pages, 4in x 6in, perfect bound, matte coverGods&Radicals Press is..
The White Deer: Ecospirituality and the Mythic The White Deer: Ecospirituality and the Mythic
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Delve into the captivating world of The White Deer, a book that unravels the profound symbolism of the elusive white deer across global myths, history..
Origin: Gods and Radicals ISBN: 9781732552319
180 pages, perfect bound, matte cover, B&W text.Much more than traditions and customs are lost when an animist culture is suppressed or destr..
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